Steve Brodsky  


eEvents- Ticket Sales and Event Management Solution

eEvents is a web based ticket sales and event management system that provides businesses operating tours, excursions, cruises, concerts, shows, clubs, organizations, or any event operator with the ability to sell tickets on-line, handle user registration, perform secured user credit card purchase processing, and send customers bar coded tickets via email.

eEvents provides a simple user friendly ticket purchase experience found in most on-line shopping and purchasing sites. Users are able to view available events, select an event and quickly purchase tickets.

The system is fully integrated within the web site. Users are may directly select special events and quickly purchase tickets from The top menu bar options allow the user to view an events calendar, upcoming cruises, and search for events.

The system provides a simple and intuitive Administration area to create, update, and publish events. A robust set of configuration parameters are available to customize each event and ticketing options.

Major on-line features in the system include:

  • Web shop where customers can view scheduled events, purchase tickets, and receive tickets through email
  • Secured transactions with payment gateways such as Authorize.Net and PayPal
  • Ability to process call-in reservations, cash, or credit card purchases
  • Total system management and administration: Create, update, schedule, and publish events
  • Order management, verification, reviews, and purchase information
  • Event sales statistics and information viewing
  • Reports creation and export of Sales and Event Attendees

eEvents is an affordable ticket sales system providing many of the features found in many of the expensive high-end systems (like Ticketmaster), but at significantly lower cost of ownership:

  • No yearly licensing costs- This is an Open Source solution
  • No need to purchase special computers or software- Fully integrated into the website server
  • No additional charges for individual ticket processing fees. Only credit card processing fees for payment gateway.