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Dynamic features for website growth using our Interactive "Eware" solutions.


InteractiveEware Tools

Specialized Interactive Tools and Interfaces to enhance your web site features.

InteractiveEware understands that successful websites are dynamic and evolve as a business grows.

Our web design framework enables your website to be dynamic by adding new features using our Interactive "Eware" solutions. These will allow your site to stand out from your competitors sites by enhancing the user experience, improve your information delivery, enable participation of your visitors, and increase your site visibility on the web.

 Interactive Tools

eEvents  Online ticket sales and event management system provides a simple user friendly ticket purchase experience. Users are able to view available events, select an event and quickly purchase tickets. The system is fully integrated within the web site. More eEvents Information
eDonations  Allows visitors to make donations conveniently and securely through your own web site, acquire payment receipts, and process "thank you" acknowledgement to your donors. Our donations system collects donor information online and processes credit card charges using secured payment processing services.
eNewsLetter  Customers, researchers, and interested parties can subscribe to receive an email newsletter and information.
eBooking  A web based Calendar based booking system allowing users to reserve resources based on specific date/time appointments. Ideal for managing Salon, Labs, Conference Rooms, Offices, or Individuals requring an on-line booking system.
eGallery  A gallery to showcase your product photographs accessible through multiple views and clickable thumbnails.
eVisit  An on-line virtual visit of your business and facilities allowing prospective customers, visitors, and supporters to become acquainted with your facilities, environment or services.
eMedia  An Audio and Visual Media multimedia service that allows you to present interactive information, education videos, web based training and much more.

Please contact us for your specific custom additions and requirements.